San Francisco

San Francisco is a small town located 45 km away from Libertador. It can be accessed by taking the Provincial Route 83 which runs through the park. Several families live in the area, surrounded by beautiful views of the warm valleys and a climate somewhat cooler than Libertador because of the height at which it is located (1500 mts. Asl.).
The church of San Francisco offers a postcard picture and mud buildings shrouded in silence, transporting us to another time.
Here it is possible to have a clear vision of life in the Andean forests, walking between corn and potato crops and crossing paths with the merchants who look after the cattle in the surrounding mountains. However, what makes San Francisco special is that it is the starting point for many excursions, each well worth the adventure. Among the most recommended excursions are climbing to Alto Calilegua (small village situated on top of the mountains), visiting the hot springs of the Jordan River as well as visiting the waterfall. They vary in levels of difficulty and it is advisible to seek advice before embarking on these excursions and to hire a guide for personal safety and direction as the trails can be confusing and orientation maybe hindered by the frequent fog.

From San Francisco, you can also visit other nearby towns such as Valle Grande, Santa Ana, San Lucas, Pampichuela  and Valle Colorado.

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