Mountain Biking is slowly becoming one of the activities preferred by outdoor nature lovers. Not only a 100% green way of transport but, at the same time, you can travel great distances in a relatively short time and it is extremely quiet, so you can move without dispelling the fauna. Do not forget that while you enjoy the landscapes at the same time you are doing a highly physical activity recommended for physical fitness.

In Calilegua, Route 83 which crosses the park, as well as a specially qualified path for cycling (Tapir Trail), is an attractive option for those who love cycling and it is great for discovering the corners of the Yungas. A recommended option is to start cycling from Libertador General San Martín.  It is approximately 11 km until your reach the National Park entrance, before crossing the bridge over the St. Lorenzo (the old bridge is enabled for pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles to avoid accidents when vehicles travel along the new bridge), then cross the road (pay attention!) and take the gravel road leading to the park, surrounded by sugarcane plantations. After a few kilometres of pedalling, you will reach the sanctuary “Virgin of Guadalupe”, a very plain, neat and well-conditioned area where masses are celebrated sporadically. Following the road, across the bridge over the “Aguas Negras” river and in a few meters you can see the welcome sign of Calilegua National Park.
From there follow the same route 83, which begins to rise as that transits the foothill forest, teeming with birds that fly over the treetops. Gradually the road begins to go up and as you get higher and your legs begin to feel heavier pedalling, you are rewarded with beautiful views of the surroundings slowly introducing you to the mountains.

The Tapir trail is highly recommended for cyclists of all levels, accessible by first taking the path «La Junta» located 3 kilometres after the ranger’s house (at the entrance of the NP).
For the more adventurous and resilient, it is possible to continue climbing Route 83 to the end of the park, past the «Mesada de las Colmenas” here lies the second rangers house, and arriving later to the monolith that marks the end of the jurisdiction of the National Park.

In total, a climb of 23 km from the entrance, building a height of 550 meters above sea level to 1700 m where the monolith is located. Along the way, you can appreciate the full extent of both foothill forest and mountain forest. It is a common sight, a great diversity of birds and mammals hopefully not noticing the presence of humans through the silence of travelling by bicycle.
Do not forget to stock up on enough drinking water for the whole journey; bring appropriate clothing, insect repellent and food supplies.

If you are planning on cycling through the park,  please contact us before hand to avoid disappointment . We can supply you with a Mountain bike and essential equipment, book in advance at 

Calilegua Mountain biking is certainly an experience not to be missed!

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