Jordan Hot Springs

Crossing about 15 kilometres, this takes approximately 7 hours. The trail begins in a plaza around 1 km from San Francisco on route to the National Park, where it is located on a poster illustrating the annual cycle Alisero parrot. The trail can be done on foot or on horseback. The difficulty of the trail is medium and has the highest difficulty in the relegation zone in the river valley, so it is highly recommended to do an organized tour. Sometimes it is necessary to ford the river depending on the action it has taken in the last rainy season (December to March), when large volumes of water make it impossible to cross on foot. The Jordan River (which descends from the mountains) shares its last 200 meters with the hot spring water before its joins the Valle Grande River. During the rainy season, the cooled waters of the Jordan River overlap the warm water stream, also known as the Emerald stream. The “Thermal eyes” are natural pools that became one of the few natural hot pools in the world of immeasurable beauty. There you can swim smoothly in water depths ranging between 40 cm and areas of more than two meters at an average temperature of 30 º C (it varies depending on factors such as the flow of the slope). The tradition says that nude bathing in its waters revitalizes the soul and energizes people to realize their dreams. The larger water hole known as the «Blue Lagoon» has turquoise waters and a unique environment. We recommend entering the water with the help of ropes, as moss grows on the rocks, which makes the surfaces very slippery and very high risk of injury.
We invite you to this natural river Spa and to swim in the “blue water eyes”, a unique place in the world and still a secret kept for adventurers that enter the Yungas.

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  1. Guadalupe

    Quiziera hacer este tour,legando a las aguas termales caminando. Cual es el itinerario, horario, en que iriamos, Yo tengo que llegar hasta ahi? Es parte del parque nacional? spero sus comentarios!

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