Calilegua National Park and nearby towns offer a wide range of activities,  with varying degrees of difficulty. The tours relate to ecotourism and active tourism, but the area offers a strong cultural imprint and you may visit several towns where the local contact is a highly valued experience for those interested in ethnic diversity and the discovery of local cultures.
Here we detail some of the trips to make during your visit to Calilegua:

+ Walk the paths of the park. Remember to notify the rangers.
Difficulty: varied
+ National Park Tours Calilegua (must hire guides authorized by the National Park Maintenance. The tours are offered in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese with and without transfers.
Degree of difficulty: low
+ Full-day excursion organized by bicycle from Libertador.
Difficulty: medium – high
+ Hot Springs of  the Jordan River. It is highly advisable to hire a guide.
Degree of difficulty: medium – high. Full day.
+ Cascada San Francisco. It is highly advisable to hire a guide.
Difficulty level: medium, half-day excursion
+ Descent from San Francisco to Libertador to bike the scenic route passing the Yungas. You can do this with your own or rented equipment.
Degree of difficulty: High – full day
+ Climbing High Calilegua (ascent to the village on horseback and on foot).
Degree of difficulty: high – more than a day
+ Specific day birdwatching programs and instructional courses on the recognition and bird photography.
Degree of difficulty: low – half-day excursions
+ Voyage from the Yungas to the Quebrada and vice versa. (From the forest  to the desert)
Difficulty level: very high – more than three days
+ Visit the town of Ledesma, visit the visitor center of Ingenio Ledesma SA.
For the whole family. Half day
* It is advisable to provide for more than three days to get an overview of the area. If you plan to travel around the region, a week is not enough!
* Always hire qualified guides for the walks. While it is possible to travel individually, trails in the National Park without major difficulties, a tour will give a clearer picture and wider spectrum to help you understand the area.
* Always hire local guides outside the park. It is important to avoid moving individually and remember that a tour guide is highly desirable for reasons of personal safety. Remember that the Yungas are forest areas where it is necessary to avoid risk.
* Always, consider obtaining supplies of drinking water for both planning trips and camping.
* Bring insect repellent, especially if visiting the area during the rainy season (December to March). Sleeved shirts and long pants are best to avoid being bitten.
* Check that the batteries in their cameras are loaded, as beautiful landscapes await you.
For all inquiries contact info@calilegua.com
To contact the National Park Maintenance: calilegua@apn.gov.ar
For lodging in some local residents houses and more information, we invite you to visit www.productoyungas.org.ar
We invite you for an adventure! Visit the Yungas!

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  1. Anne-Sophie Gervais

    Hola !

    Queríamos hacer el trekking desde el parque hacia la quebrada de Huamaca. Podrían darnos mas informaciones y recomendaciones ? Por ejemplo, cuanto tiempo demora el trekking ? Es posible hacerlos sin guía ? Por que tenemos bastante experiencia.

    Muchas gracias !

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