Accomodation in Calilegua

Hostería El Jardín Colonial

Calilegua village is the headquarters of the National Park Maintenance team. This peaceful place is a tempting option to stay while you travel through the park and surrounding area. Although Calilegua is independent of Libertador General San Martín, but the inhabitants of Calilegua still depends on the city, which lies only 5 km away, as Calilegua lacks supermarkets, service stations and banks, it only offers kiosks.
For tourists, it’s got very little infrastructure, it only has one Hostel and a hotel currently under construction. The quietness is more benevolent than that of Liberator, also the air quality, plus accommodation rates are more than convenient, Calilegua is a good choice to sleep.
The Hostel «Colonial Garden» by Cristian Gerrard, is an old house with a large garden, high ceilings and roofs. Once owned by the company SAAI Ledesma, and then sold to the family and current owners who has worked at the Mill. So today its the only accommodation in Calilegua running, the daily rate per person is $ 70 single and $135 double room, including breakfast. Sleeping in The Colonial Garden in Calilegua is an experience by itself, more than staying in a traditional hotel. We can define it as a mix of home, hostel and hotel.
Located in San Lorenzo Street, just ask the locals for instructions how to get there easily. In front of the house, lies the vast land surrounded by bamboo reeds enclosing the oldest house in Jujuy, known as the “Sala de Calilegua”, a treasure owned by Ledesma who until now is not open to the public. The vast vegetation attracts large number of toucans and other bird’s species of the area and is home to peacocks singing in the mornings and evenings with there own unique chirping.

From Calilegua you can make trips to the park and hire qualified guides from the National Park Administration.

If you are looking to stay in Calilegua, you can contact the Hostel «The Colonial Garden» by calling (03886) 430334 or via e-mail to (spanish only)

2 pensamientos en “Accomodation in Calilegua

  1. Hannah Phelan


    Estamos dos chicas quien queremos visitar calilegua para caminar esta fin de semana. Tienes espacio? Podimos quedar en un doble. Tambien puedes decir si es posible tomar un collectivo desde Jujuy hasta calilegua en el tarde del dia de Viernes (manana), quedar un noche y regresar a Jujuy en el tarde del dia de sabado (15 Mayo) a Jujuy? Tambien podimos tener cenar, desayuno y almuerzo o tenemos que traer comida por esto?

    Gracias y lo siento po mi espanol!


  2. Cecilia Boyer

    Hola; Quiero información , llamo y no tengo respuesta .Como podemos comunicarnos , queremos saber por una habitación doble y una simple de las cuales ya tenemos respuesta solo falta saber donde y como podemos adquirir alimentos o almorzar y desayunar , a cuantos metros estamos del centro o lugar comercial , estamos sin auto. Mil gracias Cecilia o Claudia .

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